I create artworks that are bold and meaningful – in two separate mediums – photography and acrylic paint.  I begin my process by taking my curiosity with me on walks and capturing images that are sometimes very simple or abstract, like an impression in the sand.  These photographs are then transformed with special filters that inspire me to add colors or shapes that are quite different from the original photograph. This element of surprise really inspires me. Once it feels complete, I connect the new image with a metaphorical symbol that means something to me.
“Dragon Fire” started as a photo of a little glass dragon in a curio cabinet. I was able to enhance the reflections in the glass with filters, which created a sense of movement. When I filled in the tail with my trusty clone stamp tool, I discovered the creation of another head!

The image titled “Birthing Courage” evolved from a photo taken of a perfectly round impression in the beach sand. Later, when I applied the filters – and had the inspiration to rotate the perspective _ it looked a little like a lion emerging from the womb. This artwork was created when I was “emerging” into a much larger world and taking on important creative risks.

This new level of risk-taking inspired me to create an acrylic painting titled “Safe at Home”. Painting symbols & words that made me feel safe allowed me to let go of my fear. Phrases that soothed me are literally written in the stars of the painting and I put the words of a Hawaiian prayer into grass-like strokes – to be discovered gradually.

Safe at Home

I look forward to catching those fleeting miracle moments through photography, while using paint to amplify my intention for healing. My goal is to share these artworks in a wide variety of venues, to continue my path of “art-full” self-discovery and to teach the joy of inspired creation.